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verb: be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere)

synonyms: surpass, excel, exceed, outshine, eclipse

Transcend is the first parent led peer support network and information hub for transgender children and their families in Australia. It was founded by Rebekah Robertson in 2012. In 2007 when it became clear her child Georgie needed professional assistance, there was absolutely nothing on the internet that was applicable to transgender children in Australia and no information about where to find help. She wanted to create a safe haven for families of transgender young people in order for them to find the appropriate medical assistance as well as bringing together a community that had previously felt isolated and alone. The name Transcend was chosen as a positive affirmation to help rise above the challenges that young people and their families are faced with daily. Rebekah has been community building and advocating for transgender kids since 2007.

Rebekah’s family have been through all the usual ups and downs that come with raising a transgender young person in Australia. But their child’s court case (accessing stage 1 and 2 treatment through the Family Court of Australia) re: Jamie has become a vehicle for legal reform and greater awareness and acceptance for transgender children in Australia. In 2014 Rebekah and her daughter Georgie (“Alison” and “Jamie”) took part in the Four Corners’ program Being Me. This also helped to raise awareness of the challenges transgender children and their families face in every aspect of their lives.

The landscape has shifted considerably since 2007 when Rebekah’s daughter, Georgie first sought help at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Many support groups have emerged all around the country and parents are connecting in a variety of ways. Rebekah and Georgie have now shifted their focus to advocacy (continuing their fight for legal reform), fundraising (specifically for the Gender Service at RCH) and speaking engagements around the country. Georgie has emerged as a wonderful advocate in her own right.

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Transgender is an umbrella term for a number of gender diverse experiences, but is commonly used to describe a person who’s natal sex does not align with their gender identity. (Go to TransGender Victoria for Definitions) This experience is part of human diversity and is not an illness or caused by any person or event. However, significant distress can occur when a person experiencing gender diversity is unsupported, rejected, discriminated against or is fearful of this occurring.

For Parents

Listen to your child. Ask for help. Find appropriate professional support for your child. Seek counselling to help deal with any difficult emotions or relationship conflict you may be experiencing. Make connections. Be well informed. Read. Research. Ask questions. Advocate for your child. Be assertive.

Current Legal Requirements: Should your child be seeking cross-sex hormones (stage 2 treatment for Gender Dysphoria) at around 15-16 years of age, you require the evaluation of endocrinologists and psychiatrists as well as approval by the Family Court of Australia. Please speak to your child’s treating clinician or contact us for further information. Stage 1 treatment (pubertal suppression) is now a decision for parents, the young person and treating clinicians and is no longer under the purview of the courts.

NAVIGATING THE STAGE 2 PROCESS: A legal toolkit for parents of transgender children.

Parent Information Starter Pack

Families like mine – Beyondblue

Gender Identity Research and Education Society

For Children Experiencing Gender Diversity

Please speak to your parents/carers or an adult you trust. If you are experiencing hardship or self harming please seek help. Call the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. Or Lifeline on 13 11 14. You may also find this resource from Beyond Blue, Families Like Mine helpful in introducing these issues with your loved ones. Click here to view.

Finding Support

For information on local, national and international organisations that will provide you and your family with the support you need please go to Finding Support

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